I am challenging myself to post a photo each day of the year. I am hoping that this challenge will encourage me to keep my eyes open for the wonders around me, document a great year and improve my photography techniques.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

02-16-11 Daffodil Harvest Time

This being my 3rd year of documenting each day with a photo, I look forward to those special seasonal signs of change. Today was my first day to see people in the fields harvesting daffodils for cut flowers. It is fun to look forward to these signs each year. Just one way I now see the world in a new way. I know to look for things that others don't expect or notice. I am especially fond of taking photos of people working in the fields. I like to put a face on those daffodils you buy in the grocery store.


  1. Yep, it's officially the season for me to be envious of you. I can't be there to view all these beautiful sites so I am grateful that you share these wonderful sites with us. Thank you.

  2. Love how you processed this shot- nice, warm tones. Am SO wishing we could see as much green here as you can!


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